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The Firm

Since its founding in 1890, the company has been passed on to 3 generations of quality conscious musicians and manufacturers.

Our pads:

We scout around the world to provide the finest pad components available, and then manufacture them exclusively at our own US plant, so as to give us complete control over quality and sizing. Each pad has its own die for cutting and assembling to eliminate variations in thickness and diameter that repair persons contend with.

Our reeds:

Prestini reeds are designed and manufactured with the cooperation and input of several university music professors, high school band directors, and professional musicians from the classical and jazz worlds.

We grow our own cane for these in our plantations in Argentina and Mexico.

All equipment and machinery utilized for the production was designed be Giuseppe Prestini and manufactured by the Prestini Company. We use our own special cutting tools incorporated with a planning method that cuts and shapes the cane along the grain rather than against it. We use carbide tips instead of diamond, which tend to tear off the fibers of the cane.

All reeds are packaged in color-coded boxes for easier identification, individually wrapped in vinyl pouches, and sealed in shrink-wrap to preserve their freshness.

Our instruments:

A complete line of first class woodwind instruments, with the following assets:

1. All instruments are stamped "Prestini USA."

2. All instruments are tested and adjusted "in house" prior to shipping.

3. All entry level instruments come with a 6 month warranty.

4. All classic instruments come with a 1-year warranty.

5. All instruments have factory defect warranties.

6. As always, any instrument can be sampled for a 7 day period, provided it was purchased
with a credit card or pre-paid.


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